One Week of Gratefulness [A Series]

As I shared in last week’s story, I am participating in NaNoWriMo. I also shared that I am keeping track of little moments I’m grateful for in a small composition book I’m carrying with me this month. Both have been surprisingly challenging. More on that to come.

Before I get back to writing the manuscript this morning, I wanted to share a few things I wrote in the gratefulness notebook over the last few days. They’re small, but seeing them as precious gifts this week was good for my soul. I hope you feel them too.

  • fuzzy socks
  • the comfort of curling up in a warm blankets on a cold night
  • winning an Instagram book giveaway
  • winning anything, really
  • Travis driving my broken car all week, even though he hates it, so that I can drive our reliable vehicle
  • solving problems
  • the fuzzy, velvety feel of a horse’s snout
  • the kid who came to me just to say, “Ms.Brianna! Friend!”
  • a friend empathizing with your crappy week and then asking what they can do to help
  • pricey dresses that fit like a glove
  • cheap electric bills
  • when the cat walks on my back
  • Travis talking to me early in the morning, because I know he’d rather be sleeping
  • Paul’s longing to go to Rome

One Final (Random?) Thought

I spent last night and this morning just looking at Romans 1:1-15. It is literally just the introduction to Paul’s letter to the Roman church, but it’s plenty full of love and encouragement.

The Apostle’s love for Rome, for people, and ultimately, for the message of Christ, encouraged me. I pored over it for a couple hours, just sitting in Paul’s gratefulness for this church, his gratefulness to God for alotting a time for him to visit, and his gratefulness to God himself for the story he’s worked and invited us into.

We are tremendously loved and cared for, friends. It’s only because of Christ that I can show any thanks whatsoever. And being able to express my gratitude has filled a void I didn’t know I needed before I met him.

My prayer today is that I would show my thanks to him by showing thanks for the people, things, and moments he’s given me.

“As it is through Christ that God’s grace is conveyed to men, so it is through Christ that men’s gratitude is conveyed to God.”

F.F. Bruce, “The Epistle of paul to the romans: an introduction and commentary,” page 76

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