Hi, all! My name is Brianna.

I shared my first blog post – a story about cutting off 19 inches of my hair and donating it – in 2013. I continued blogging all throughout college. It was on that blog that I began to consider that God is truly near me; that he doesn’t stay in a building, but instead is the rhythm in every song, a line in a book, the word a friend says. He is in our everyday, saturating our world in the beauty and goodness of him. Although my writing and sharing was inconsistent, even that weak faithfulness stirred something more within me.

Overtime, I’ve come to recognize the beauty of storytelling. I love to tell stories, and mostly, that is what you will find in my writing. I’m always looking deeper and finding something purposeful in the little moments. Little moments carry significance; I believe that deeply.

This is what I value most: Jesus, my husband, living in community, cats, serving refugees, books and reading, and Nashville.

This is what I’m *learning* to value: budgeting, hot tea, minimal and sustainable living, plants, and podcasts.

Currently, my husband and I live with our two cats in Nashville, Tennessee and I sing along with Drew Holcomb at the of my lungs, “I was born here and raised here, and I’ll make my grave here; it’s home! Tenn-e-sseeee.” In addition to finding great joy in singing along, I also serve refugees. I coordinate an after school program for elementary students, assist a community program for elders, and go to families’ homes for English lessons. It’s challenging but satisfying too. When I’m not encouraging Travis in his woodworking side hustle, giggling over my cats, or lesson planning, you can find me either at home reading or with a friend.

Above all, you should know that my faith is at the core of all I do; I owe it to my faith for even giving me a pen to write with in the first place. I hope the words I pen will be ones that will help you and encourage you, clearing up any untruths you have been told about God. May this be a place of light for you.