Writing Poetry

I stopped by the busy apartment complex where most of my students live. Kids chased each other through the grass, and mommas donning brightly colored patterns walked with babies on their hips. Whether or not I knew them, I waved at them as I slowly bumped over the humps and pot holes of the parking … Continue reading Writing Poetry

I Try, I Try

We tightened the laces and practiced the art of walking on blades. We probably looked like a mismatched group – a few white women with nearly 40 middle school students representing multiple countries around the world. Brown skin, black skin, white skin. Tall socks with athletic shorts covered some, and others had come in hoodies … Continue reading I Try, I Try

Working With Humans

I start my Wednesday mornings with an English class comprised of three Kurdish women, a Mexican woman, and an Egyptian woman. More of us had been meeting, but since spring break, these are the women who have showed up to class faithfully every week. Although I love seeing people learn English, and welcome anyone willing … Continue reading Working With Humans